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The Newcastle mermaid who stars in Bondi RescuePHOTOS

The Newcastle mermaid who stars in Bondi Rescue | PHOTOS Beachie: Newcastle’s Juliana Bahr-Thomson appears on Bondi Rescue.

TweetFacebookMeat is MurderJuliana says she’s always been into “health, nutrition and holistic stuff”.

Her diet is plant-based.

“I just don’t eat anything that had a mother,” she said.

She’s passionate about animals rights.

“I was pretty lucky when I was younger, mum worked in the travel industry, so I got to travel a lot,” she said.

As a toddler, she went through open meat markets.

“I used to get upset seeing all the meat there,” she said.

“I was that awkward child that you take to a Chinese restaurant that demands to speak to the manager because one of the fish doesn’t look happy.

“This is what mum had to deal with.”

Juliana’s next big fitness challenge will be in July.

She’s been accepted to race in the Molokai to Oahu paddleboard world championships in Hawaii.

“It’s 53 kilometres but, even though I’ve paddled further than that, it’s probably going to be the most painful paddle of all because you have to do it fast.

“My other paddles were done at a leisurely pace.”

The race will be in one of the most dangerous channels of water.

“They call it the channel of bones,” she said.

Four of her colleagues from Bondi Rescue will also race at the event.

They’re trying to raise funds and awareness for childhood obesity.

Details at pozible南京夜网/project/question-your-impossible-1.

Milk Matters There are so many milk choices now, but one cafe owner has drawn the line.

A cafe owner we know is usually pretty happy to accommodate the constantly changing diet landscape and the quirks of food obsessives.

Back in the day, milk was milk. It was full-cream and delicious.

That’sall there was. Then came skim milk, which some people love but others say tastes like water.

Anyhow, the cafe owner has – over the years – added soy andalmond milk to his fridge.

But recently someone asked him for rice milk.

He thought about getting some rice milk, but decided against it.

“I have to draw the line somewhere,” he said, with an exasperatedtone.

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