View from the top: North America’s tallest house is on the market

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For those who enjoy heights, but don’t want the hassle of sharing a supertall building with other residents ??? and who might enjoy, perhaps, some significant bragging rights ??? the perfect property is up for sale in the USA.

It’s the Falcon’s Nest in Prescott, Arizona. It’s the tallest house in North America, its 37 metres of height made up by 10 storeys, and at one point had the honour of being the tallest house in the world. Sadly, it’s now been beaten out by the 173 metre tall, $1 billion Antilla mansion in Mumbai, India.

North America’s tallest home – the ‘Falcon’s Nest’ in Arizona. Photo: Lauren Schleifer/falconnesttower苏州美甲学校

In fairness, it’s also dwarfed by the Thumb Butte, the 1985-metre volcanic plug it’s sitting next to. But you can’t buy that for $US1.5 million ($1.98 million), which is the current asking price.

It was designed by an architect, Sukumar Pal, for his family, and built in 1994 for around $US4 million. Shaped a bit like a chimney, it’s got three bedrooms, four bathrooms, 575 square metres of living space, a very fancy 185 square-metre solarium and a hydraulic glass elevator to shuttle the lucky residents up and down, with an entrance at the garage level.

Photo: Lauren Schleifer/falconnesttower苏州美甲学校

It’s got quite a small footprint, both physically, about 92 square metres, and environmentally, as the listing with Sotheby’s describes it as exemplifying “passive solar technologies as well as other unique & alternative power, heating & cooling source”.

It’s not the first time it’s come onto the market ??? it was listed for $US2.8 million in 2015, so the current price is a bit of a bargain.

In comparison, Australia’s tallest house, the Girvan House in the Hunter region of NSW, is about 30 metres high and also comprises of 10 storeys. It cost more than $2 million to build, according to the Newcastle Herald, and was put up for sale in 2012 with a price of $1.75 million.

Girvan House, in NSW. Photo: Newcastle Herald